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It’s been two hundred and thirty years since the Invasion of 2020 left Earth’s atmosphere uninhabitable. An ethereal race of powerful creatures descended upon the planet in a swift take over that mankind had no power to resist. The invaders used a foreign chemical to alter the atmosphere, making it unbreathable. With no ability to survive on their own, invaders took over and forced man into the compound. Humans now live out their lives with what was given to them by the aliens that control their very existence.

Every few months, the ceiling of the dome-shaped compound that you’re kept in opens and an alien craft lands and collects sacrifices, either willingly or by force. The number always varies, but they’ve never taken less than 10 and it's always random. When this is done, humans are forced into special suits and designated safe areas where they can breathe. Until the air is filtered again, people are stuck in these areas. Those in suits are taken as volunteers and suits are returned once they’re in the ship. If there are no "volunteers," drones will leave the ship and pull people from the safe areas by force. There's no fighting them.

There has never been a case of someone returning after being taken. One of these days, when the ceiling opens and a ship comes in, a malfunction occurs and the ship crashes into one of the dome walls. Within a few seconds, the air becomes toxic and the emergency systems are quickly put in place to prevent people from dying because of contaminated air. In other words, the safety zones activate and people are stuck in them until the air is cleared. After the fire settles and the dust clears, there is a clear opening to the outside.

Normally, the Delath show up within minutes of a malfunction or any sort of breach, but for some reason this does not happen. People remain trapped for three days before the safe zones run out of breathable oxygen. The mechanism designed to keep you all safe in times like this runs out and the doors open. Immediately, people are stricken blindness as the air burns their eyes. They cough up blood as it enters their lungs. Within minutes, hundreds are dead or dying… except you and very few others.


The compound consists of 21st century technology and homes that the common person can get. However, replacements and repairs are difficult since not everything was remade and many resources are unavailable. People must make due with what they’ve got, so many forms of technology are now protected or lost with time. Within the Compound, people have tried to resume normal lives by having schools, jobs, and electing leaders. This is able to be done because, for the most part, the invaders known as the Delath or “Delatharian” leave humans to survive and live on their own. It's been decades since one has been seen.

Within the Compound are storage houses that hold a lot of basic technology to be used over the years. Because of how important these items are, only certain people within the compound hold the card keys to open them. Things that can be found in here are non-perishable foods, tools, clothing, and resources like wood and metals. Since the supplies are limited, they are not given out easily, which is why the compound has farms, cattle ranches, and other places to grow and raise your own food. Many people even have small gardens in their backyard or other areas as well in order to prevent themselves from starving.

Over the two hundred years mankind has been trapped within the compound, there are certain resources that very quickly vanished and others that ended up vanishing over time. Some of those resources are gasoline, electricity, nuclear power, specific medicines, batteries, pens, pencils, paper, guns and ammo. The means to make them are gone lost as well. There are likely many others, just ask the DM on specific items.


Population of the Compound
Originally: 1700 [55% adult, 25% teenager, 15% child, 5% senior (age 50+)]
Aftermath: 100 [20% adult, 65% teenager, 14% child, 1% senior (age 50+)]

The Council
A group of elected people that lead the compound and make laws. There are seven spots total, including the Chancelor’s spot. The Council discusses crimes, laws, policies, and the state of the compound.

The Chancellor
The elected leader of the Council. The Chancellor's word is law. Their Chancellor's vote counts as two. The Chancellor can pardon crimes and remove council members as long as one council member agrees.

Yellow Division
These are the regular workers. They’re the shop-owners, custodians, and customer service employees.

Green Division
These are our farmers and ranchers of the compound, providing people with food.

Blue Division
The group classified as guards and security. These are the “cops” of the compound.

Red Division
The group classified as medical staff of the compound. These are our nurses, doctors, and vets.

Violet Division
The group classified as engineers, construction workers, scientists. The backbone of the Compound.

White Division
These are the educators and political figures of the compound. In other words, leaders.


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