The Premise of the Crystal of Kismet

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The Premise of the Crystal of Kismet

Post by Serenity on Sun Oct 08, 2017 1:33 pm

The Premise of the Crystal of Kismet

The world you live in is not the classic fantasy world. Though the planet itself mimics Earth in its weather and landscape, it is a primitive place where humans live off the land and sea. Homes are wooden huts and palaces are stone castles. Peasants live as farmers, smiths, and other tradesmen, while those of higher ranking obviously live much better off. In a strange twist of world, humans and demons (yes, demons) live alongside each other, though not always happily. The lands are divided by direction: North, South, East, West. Each region is controlled by a Demon Lord, though factions of different Demons often attempt to lay claim to smaller pieces of land within these regions. Humans aren’t bound to any land. Since Demons consider themselves superior, Humans are often looked at as insects creating their hives wherever they wish. They’re not really governed by anything but themselves and fear the presence of a Demon as much as the Demons do not care for them. Though inhabiting the same world, it is rare to have Humans and Demons interact.

The history of how these species came together is only really be known to the older Demons. Even those over a thousand years old have a hard time recalling how things actually happened, but this was not originally a human world. Demons were the ones who inhabited it first, having previously been banished from their original realm. Their evil nature compelled them to wage war in an attempt to control those weaker than them. The cycle of fighting continued until a demon from years ago, named Lernach, used his power to bring humans from Earth to his planet. He used them as minions, having brought thousands, and turned them into his own personal army. For years, he trained them and kept them enslaved. And as humans do, they chose to rebel and flee in an attempt to gain their own freedom. With armies fleeing, other high-level clans of Demons quickly subdued Lernach. Since Demons viewed humans no differently than animals at that time, there was little interaction with them, and so humans began to flourish in the forest and valleys.

In recent years, Humans have become a much stronger presence in the world and Demons have both evolved and devolved. Demons are still Demons, pure-blooded and powerful, but also very rare. Lesser Demons, or those that have devolved due to mutation, inbreeding, and other reasons, are often called "Fiends" by the Demons themselves. These are as common as wolves and are an every day nuisance. Though some are intelligent enough to speak, they're mostly moderately powered fiends that often move in packs in order to increase their power. Humans have the ability to kill fiends as easily as hunting a deer or as difficult as taking out an entire pack of wolves. A herd of fiends coming through can destroy an entire village if not prepared.

Now, the country you lived in is not named. The world has not been explored to a degree of being able to name countries and cities. There are well-known towns that Demons and/or Humans inhabit, but they are rare and are almost in a completely different world than everywhere else. These towns are governed by the reigning Demon or Human. One of these Human cities is where you will begin your journey. The City of North Haven is the largest and busiest Human city in the Western Lands. The King of North Haven, Isaac Lennox, is the current ruler of North Haven and had recently opened the gates to Demons in an attempt to lessen tensions between the races. It has caused some problems since many fear Demons, but it has proven to be rare to have a Demon enter the city. However, a few have come out of curiosity, but don't stay long.

King Lennox has proven to make friends with a few powerful Demons of the area in order to keep the city protected. He has also come into possession of the Crystal of Kismet after a man attempted to siege the city with an army of fiends and failed. The man, Rogan of Alden, thought the Crystal would give him enough power to take the city out on his own, but the story is that it "betrayed him" and fell into the hands of King Lennox the Second. His son, current ruling King Isaac Lennox the Third, holds it as his precious treasure within the walls of Cambridge Castle. It is used as a deterrent for anyone wanting to attack North Haven.


It is the middle of the night when the warning bells ring throughout the city. A sudden attack on North Haven, specifically Cambridge Castle, begins to tear the city to the ground as fiends rampage through the city. The army responds quickly and as the chaos continues, they attempt to evacuate the city. Less than an hour goes by when the ground begins to shake, the sky lights up, and a massive explosion practically levels the city. You wake after having been rescued from the rubble and laid safely next to the few other survivors. Upon waking, you're informed of what the few survivors know: the castle was attacked, the royal family has not been found and are presumed dead, the crystal has not been found and is presumed stolen or lost, and there are only around 100 survivors so far. They ask for your help once you're well.

Character Creation Help: Obviously, no one has to do any of this, but it may be a good idea to have a character that 1) cares about the city or the King/Royal Family, 2) lost someone they love in the attack, or 3) understands the devastation that can come with the Crystal in the wrong hands. You're meant to be heroes of some sort. This is your story and you're meant to shine. This doesn't mean you're the "good guy." Since humans are normally inconsequential, know that your character is not meant to fall under that. You'll still be human, yes, if that's your chosen race, but you do not have to worry about being some pathetic little weakling. For humans, sorcery or a unique specialization in combat is what will set you apart from the rest. Think clearly on what you want this world to see you as. The other humans should look at your character in awe, or even in fear, no matter the chosen race. The only playable races are humans, demons, hybrids.

Ideas your character can come from:
> A clan of specialists that are called to slay fiends and sometimes demons to protect villages.
> A village that holds a secret like an artifact, sealed demon/fiend, or is a safe haven for hybrids.
> A shrine/temple that trains its disciples in specific arts of sorcery and magic.
> A line of guardsmen that have dedicated themselves to serving under the Kings of North Haven.
> A knowledgeable sorcerer who has been studying different arts, magics, legends, etc...
> A band of people come together in a common cause. (thieves guild, bandits, mercenaries, hired guard.)

Note: This may be the first story testing this system, but treat it like a real campaign. No reason to "fake-test" something. If you want it to work, treat it like it's complete and take it seriously.


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