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Note: Many questions won't be answered until you've decided which Division you're from.

1. Ethnicity inside the Compound?

Probably more mixed than anything else. “Pure” anything is fine, but not exactly super common.

2. How literate are they?

Pens, pencils, and paper are a more recent loss of resource (last 15 years), so people can read and write.

3. What's the dome made out of?

You don't know. It's a strong alien material that allows for much more advanced tech than what humans were used to. It can be compared to the strength of steel, but no one has been stupid enough to test it. Why? The air outside will kill you. Breaking your protective bubble is idiotic.

4. Are there night and day cycles?

Yes, the dome provides an artificial day and night that seems to give the same nutrients normally needed for humans. It allows the plant life to grow like normal as well. The day and night cycles mirror the natural hour cycles of Earth.

5. How are people being fed?

Through the farms and gardens mentioned before. Yes, there are certain animals within the dome that feed you.

6. What animals are on the farms?

Cows, chickens, and turkeys are the highest form of protein.

7. Is there a tree farm?

Yes, it takes time for them to grow, no differently than trees on the outside.

8. What are houses made out of?

Wood. Most of the houses are "modern." Within the last fifty years, some of them have began to deteriorate and maintenance has become lax.

9. How large is the dome?

The dome is about 2 miles in diameter.



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