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Y-A: The market. Each store provides what they can. They’re all “general” stores, but what you find in one place, you may not find in the other. Shopowners fight for their inventory.

Y-B: Main Residential Area. The houses in the residential areas are not large. They give people enough space to survive and that’s it. Even the residential areas in the White District aren’t really different.

Y-C: The larger buildings are complexes that hold around 60 families each.

G-A: (Name Filler) — This farm is a mixed farm, meaning they grow crops and raise livestock.

G-B: (Name Filler) — The second largest crop farm in the Compound.

G-C: (Name Filler) — The second largest livestock provider in the Compound.

G-D: (Name Filler) — The largest crop farm in the Compound. Holds the second largest tree farm.

G-E: (Name Filler) — The smallest crop farm in the Compound.

G-F: (Name Filler) — Mixed with livestock and tree farm.

G-G: (Name Filler) — Largest live stock provider in the compound.

B-A: Security Station - Where guards and “cops” are.

B-B: Armory - Where armor and weapons are usually stored.

B-C: Training Building - Where those who want to be guards are trained.

B-D: The Prison - Where all criminals of the Compound are held. Only holds 150 people.

R-A: The Hospital

R-B: Residential Area

V-A: The old research division. Shut down. Was the only place that had electricity until sixteen years ago.

V-B: The Scar. These buildings burnt down 70 years ago. There’s nothing left.

V-C: Residential Area

W-A: The meeting place of the Council and where the records are kept.

W-B: Storage Houses

> #1: Tools

> #2: Medical

> #3: Misc.

W-C: Primary School

W-D: Secondary School

W-E: Residential Area

W-F: Unknown. Building is locked down


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