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History — The First Thirty Years

The first thirty years of the Compound were the toughest of them all. While the Delath provided everyone within the Compound with just about everything they needed, the idea of being trapped plagued the minds of everyone in the population. The only ones who seemed to accept their new world were the children. The population at the time is around five hundred, but they never thought to count the actual number of people who were living there. There was a lot that people had to accept and learn. For example, the amount of farmers in the Compound was less than a fraction of a percent of the total population. The few that were there had to teach many to get the farms up and running. It was soon proven that the Delath did not carefully select who was allowed in the Compound. It was seemingly random.

The need to teach to survive quickly became the number one priority. A system was put in place to allow “pages,” people who were learning under specific people to keep knowledge and skill flowing. They also divided the Compound into different sections and color coded specialists and pages so people knew who they were dealing with. Farm workers became the top position out of requirement. While there are more houses in the Yellow District, many people share the farm houses in the Green District because it’s easier and up until recent years, the population wasn’t so big. With the opening of the storage houses, people began running through resources like they were unlimited. Up until the point of realizing that resources actually were limited, which took about 5 years, there was no authority put in place.

When a group of people attempted to lock up the storage units to save resources, there was a riot that ended the lives of seventeen people. People continued fighting until everyone gathered to what is now known as the Town Hall. The building became a meeting place to the soon elected council. The Council was originally an elected member from each Division at first. Later, picking by Division wasn’t an issue. Once the Council was elected, life in the Compound became much easier to live and resources weren’t disappearing like they once were. On the tenth year, the dome opened up for the first time and thirty five people were taken from the Compound. Fifteen others were killed because they didn’t make it to the safe areas on time, which was expected since the warning announcement was a first.

The Delath came 3 more times in the next twenty years, always taking people and not caring what age they were. Even new borns were targets and there was no hiding. If you tried to hide in basements or other areas, the drones would dig or break through some how. These drones were twice the size of a large man. Soon, it was discovered that if people put on certain suits, they could volunteer to leave and any time that this was done, it seemed that less people were taken. People began sacrificing themselves in the hopes of saving the young ones and their families.

Living — The Years After

The Council did their best in being strict about what resources were allowed to be given out, but more and more laws were put in place to prevent more loss. The first major blow to a loss of resources was the loss of electricity. A freak accident in Violet Division caused a large portion of the entire Division to burn down. Of course, this was where the generators for the Compound were held and so everything went dark when the day left. People quickly began using torches and other wood/charcoal/gass burning methods to keep things lit up during the night. Candles that weren’t really being used before became a valuable item. Most people preferred the gas way of burning out of ease, but by doing this tractors on farms ended up without the ability to be used. Once they couldn’t be used, they were melted down for the creation of tools like axes, pickaxes, sickles, nails, hammers, and other tools of this nature.


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