The Premise of Ascension

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The Premise of Ascension

Post by Serenity on Fri Aug 25, 2017 1:46 am

One hundred and fifty years ago, the modern world was shaken upon the invasion of Earth. An ethereal race of powerful creatures tore open the sky and descended upon the planet in a quick and sudden take over, rapidly dominating all of civilization. With the population forcibly dwindled down to a mere fraction of what it once was, the human race was easily defeated and fell into submission. The race of invading beings called Delatharian, or Delath for short, made Earth their new home. What was thought to be the brutal enslavement of mankind, ended up being something completely different. Instead of being enslaved, the survivors of mankind were allowed to live their lives mostly normal, but only within the walls of designated zones that the Delath constructed. The small population of twenty million living human beings now lived behind massive walls or in domes, depending on their location. In fact, though many peoples lives were worsened, the lives of the poor were actually made surprisingly better.

However, in this utopia of sorts, there is one thing that the people of Earth still have to worry about. Every five years, on the same day (February 18th), eighteen groups of fifty people from each city are taken. The ships of the Delath fly to each nations city and kidnap fifty people, taking them away. No one has ever returned from these abductions and no one knows where they go or why they're taken. This is the one matter that the Delath do not speak on, and they have made it clear that they will never answer for it. Most have accepted this fate and their worship of the Delath leads them to believed the Taken are Ascended. Then there are others who do not trust this and believe the Delath are experimenting on their loved ones, eating them, or using them for any number of other reasons. Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done since it is impossible to fight a force you cannot get to and that is watching every move you make. And so mankind lives a comfortable life under the thumb of gods... in fear of that day.

Guess what? It's the fifth year and you've been chosen. Though your family takes the same precautions that everyone else desperately tries to take, you are removed from your home in the middle of the night like the chosen before you. The Delath have come for you and taken you from everything you know and love. You're one of the lucky, or unlucky, few that get to see where those before you have been taken.


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