The Premise Of Outbreak

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The Premise Of Outbreak

Post by Serenity on Fri Aug 25, 2017 3:32 am

There isn't much to be said about the premise for a zombie apocalypse campaign beyond answering questions and explaining expectations. People often want something different when thinking on the idea of a zombie apocalypse. There are those who prefer the solo mission of survival. They want to bunker down alone and survive to the day they die. There are those who want to plow through zombies like they're nothing more than ants under their boots. Then there are those who like the idea of constant travel, moving from place to place in order to outrun what is always coming for them. And we cannot forget those wanting to save the world by finding a cure. This is how I want to tell my zombie campaign:

1) Realism.

  • Perfection is not good. None of us make "perfect" characters, but rarely do people role play their character fucking up either. I have no problem with heroic actions, great decision making, and frankly being a bad ass, but you're still human. Humans make mistakes. They panic, cry, feel fear, regret, guilt, and have other humanly traits. In my zombie campaign, perfection isn't rewarded. Being human is. And this is not to be mistaken with being humane.
  • People. Get. Hurt. I'm not going to bullshit a 3-month broken leg. That's just not fun. However, it's still possible to have one and it will take time to heal. If you get shot, it's going to hurt. If you get shot in the head or heart, you're likely dead. Be prepared to lose a character.
  • In your characters reality, the idea of zombies have never been a thing.

2) The Zombies

  • In the beginning zombies are meant to be frightening. They're meant to destroy and ruin your day. You are meant to fear them, and being a "level one" character, you will.
  • I may, at random times, put in mutated or "special infected." This will be a rare and story or character based occurrence. Your common undead enemy is a normal zombie/infected.

3) Trading/Currency

  • Once the apocalypse actually starts, these things will not exist. Money will mean nothing, unless NPCs or your characters make it so. There won't be an economy or a "store"
    you can buy from. What you find is what you get. What you take is what you get.


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