The World You Live In

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The World You Live In

Post by Serenity on Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:57 am

The World You Live In

Let's start with the changes to planet Earth. To the average person, not much has changed about the planet because not many people actually know what has gone on outside the walls. To the few who do know, scavengers, scouts, wall-keepers, architects, some guard personnel, and some scientists, nature has very quickly taken over most of what mankind called home. The lacking pollution destroying the atmosphere allowed Earth to re-stabilize and nature to flourish, both beautifully and dangerously. Animals have taken back their kingdom, flourishing like flowers in an open field, and the plants and rivers have reclaimed the land they were once blocked from. It is no longer a world ruled by man.

Now to explain the cities people live in. Though there are more, most people are only aware of the nine major cities that were able to re-establish contact after the Delath invasion. Each city is built differently, based on their environment and the people within. In areas of extreme weather (too hot/too cold), the people live within a massive dome that regulates temperatures to be comfortable for those within. Even if the desert sun is beaming down on you in 120 degree weather, you'd only feel the heat of about eighty degrees. Domed cities do not get the benefits of natural rain and snow. In more moderate environments, they live within massive walls and do get the natural weathers of their area.

Living in your city. One hundred and fifty years ago, things were devastating to those who had everything taken from them. Billionaires and millionaires no longer existed and were forced to use their actual skills, not just their power and money, to continue to live their lives. Criminals were killed. Yes, there was a culling for anyone guilty of a crime, while those who were innocent were freed by the Delath and given second chances. With the culling of criminals, there was no mercy as the Delath claimed to want a "new beginning, free of all blemishes. Humans can now start again with a blank slate as your nightmares have been wrangled and your past discretion will no longer haunt you as a species. Come together and thrive."

Making a living in became one of the easiest and straight forward things that existed. The struggle of feeding yourself and your family, balancing hours of work with raising your children, paying bills, and living paycheck to pay check became a thing of the past. The rule of the Delath is "you work, you receive." Children attend school like normal until the age of thirteen, when basic education ends and they're claimed old enough to make decisions for their life. They can choose to continue their education or live their lives. Education is free until the age of twenty eight. After that, you're required to work for what you have, or go homeless. The choice is always yours and the more you work, the more you get.

A person can work five hours a day, two days a week, and will have basic survival food, a home, and clothing provided to them. Homes are  not rundown and trashy. They are always taken care of, comfortable, and come with the utilities needed for survival. Extra hours can buy you things you want: treats, clothes, entertainment, or a vehicle. Of course, all of these things take time and one hour isn't going to get you a brand new car, but you will get it over time. There is one reason for this: sudden expenses do not exist. If your air conditioning stops working, an electrician will come when you need them to. If your child gets sick, medicine is provided merely because you have been working. There is no need for insurance. No one is left to die. You will be taken care of. Just work to receive.

The nine major cities are Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Rome, Cairo, Toronto, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, and Paris. Inside the walls of all nine cities, there are a mere total of twenty million people living today.

Equality among your own. This idea was forced onto the survivors of the invasion. For years, people tried to resist, but over time they began to understand that they were truly under the thumb of gods. The Delath stomped out any racism by merely eliminating those who thought that way. They stomped out religion completely, claiming that the only god among them were the Delath themselves. Over time, people began to worship the Delath as gods as well, while others resented them. Within the first twenty five years, religion was a mere memory, a forgotten part of the history of mankind.


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