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The Glossary

Post by Serenity on Fri Aug 25, 2017 2:51 pm

This glossary explains terminology that comes up in parts of the systems explanations.

When something is depleted, it cannot be returned through regular rest. It comes back slowly over time (2 per day) or magical means must be used to restore it.

Primary Dice:
Any dice used to decide accuracy or success. This is normally the d20.

Secondary Dice:
Any dice used in a roll that is not a d20. For attacks, damage or healing dice.

SR has two meanings, but they do the same thing. SR with magic is "Spell Rating." SR with Physical requirements, such as instant actions is "Strain Rating."

Spell Backfire:
When a spell backfires, it's shot back at you and you take the damage of the attack.

Spell Rating:
The difficulty at which a lingering or periodic spell is overcome. (DCs for Pathfinder)

Strain Rating:
The difficulty set to perform a hard or strenuous action that costs stamina.


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